US Welcomes Turkey’s Help on Ukraine Grain Exports –

US Welcomes Turkey’s Help on Ukraine Grain Exports

The United States is grateful to Turkey for its support in brokering an agreement for Ukrainian grain exports, which have been hindered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, the talks in Istanbul were a long time in the making, with US officials noting that the talks have only been concluded after weeks of diplomacy. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally raised the issue with the Russian and Ukrainian presidents.

Military experts from Ukraine and Turkey are meeting in Istanbul on Thursday, in order to reach an agreement on the safe transit of Ukrainian grain. Among the issues discussed are the setting up of a joint coordination center for grain exports, as well as security for ships traveling from Ukraine to Turkey. This deal could relieve some of the food shortages that are affecting the world. The agreement will also guarantee the safety of grain exports in the Black Sea.

Presidents of both countries welcomed the agreement. They signed a joint declaration on the issue, and vowed to maintain relations. Despite the recent tensions, Ukraine remains a vital transit route for Russian gas, and Turkey’s role in that process has only strengthened. Meanwhile, Turkey and Russia have set up a panel of retired military leaders to advise the pro-Ukraine campaign in the procurement of protective gear and other equipment.

The Russian invasion has blocked the access of Ukrainian ports to the Black Sea, which has prevented the export of Ukrainian grain. The UN has noted that the blockade has led to a rise in global food prices and a potential food crisis. The Russian invasion displaced about 80 percent of Ukraine’s grain exports, but the retaking of Snake Island has made it possible to access the Danube River. The Ukrainian government hopes to boost exports of grains via the Danube River.

The war in Ukraine has resulted in more than a million people and more than 120,000 foreigners fleeing their homes to Russia. Amid these tensions, Russia has threatened to attack Ukraine’s port city of Odesa, which is home to foreign weapons storage. The conflict in Ukraine has lasted three months. It could result in further instability. The United States welcomes the help of Turkey in this regard.

In the second quarter of 2022, Russian forces attacked occupied territories in eastern and southern Ukraine, targeting hospitals, schools, crowded train stations, grain depots, and residential buildings. The General Staff of the Ukrainian military appealed for international assistance to evacuate the city. At the same time, the occupying forces were capturing 2,500 servicemen. With no viable alternative, the General Staff appealed to the world for assistance.

The US has also welcomed Turkey’s aid to the Ukrainian economy. Turkey and the Ukrainian government are working together to develop new ways to boost Ukraine’s grain exports. The EU is a key partner for both countries, as the EU is a major source of raw materials for the world. By helping Ukraine export grain, Turkey will be an important trading partner. The agreement will help Ukraine’s agricultural industry grow, while the US would also help Ukraine import grain from Turkey.

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