Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa Set to Fly to Singapore –

Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa Set to Fly to Singapore

In a surprising move, President Rajapaksa has agreed to fly to Singapore for the first time in almost eight years. But many people wonder why he’s putting off his departure. There have been allegations against him of war crimes during the civil war. In addition, he’s been repeatedly saying that he intends to resign once he reaches his final destination.

Although the deposed president had previously announced his intention to fly to Singapore on a private visit, there has been a slew of concerns. The island nation has no money to repay its debts and is running out of fuel, causing a soaring price for basic goods. While many believe that Singapore is an attractive destination for the deposed president, the embassy in Colombo argued that he hadn’t sought asylum in the city-state.

Earlier in the day, news spread that Gotabaya Rajapaksa had boarded a flight from Maldives to Singapore on a Saudi Arabian carrier. But he wasn’t expected to board the plane because of security concerns. Rather, a Maldivian government official said the president boarded the aircraft after receiving full approval from the Defense Ministry of the island country.

While the protests in Sri Lanka have died down, the security forces remain vigilant in Colombo. Police have stepped up patrolling the streets. Singapore’s foreign ministry has issued a statement about the President’s trip. It called it a ‘private visit’ and said he had not applied for asylum. The foreign ministry has urged people not to react violently to Rajapaksa’s arrival.

Despite his sudden resignation, Gotabaya Rajapaksa will remain in Singapore for the next seven years. He will be formally announced on Friday morning local time. After months of protests, he flew to Singapore to avoid the protests. While the IMF remains in contact with government officials, it hopes to resume talks with higher-level officials. In the meantime, the joint opposition presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha said India’s economy will not go the way of Sri Lanka. However, he expressed concern over the rupee’s depreciation against the US dollar and his rapidly-depleting foreign exchange reserves.

The current government has a long list of issues that it must resolve. The country has 22 million people and is experiencing unprecedented economic turmoil. The people of the island are struggling to buy even the most basic necessities. While the current government has a strong military and a stable economy, it is still suffering a lack of infrastructure. The government has a long way to go to rebuild its economy and restore hope.

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