Kevin Magnussen Living the Dream Despite a Nightmare Run –

Kevin Magnussen Living the Dream Despite a Nightmare Run

Kevin Magnussen is living the dream, despite a traumatic Formula One season. After leaving Haas in 2017 and failing to finish three races last year, the Dane has now returned to the sport. Although he still awaits his first Formula One win, Magnussen has had a remarkable comeback. In fact, he has collected points in three of the first four races and finished fifth in Bahrain.

After a year out of Formula 1, Magnussen has managed to snatch a contract with Haas F1. He’s scored three podium finishes in the process, eclipsing teammate Mick Schumacher, who has yet to score a point. However, it remains to be seen whether Magnussen will enjoy the rest of his career as he’s had a rough time in his previous two seasons.

The last race of the season was in Mexico and Magnussen had a rocky start for Haas, but a positive result was the key to keeping his seat in the top three. His Haas teammate was unable to match Magnussen’s lap time, but the pair were able to maintain their second-place finish. Despite his rocky race, he’s still able to finish fifth in the Grand Prix.

While his nightmare run ruined his chances of winning the race, his performance in the second race made the team’s fans cheer for him. The German gained speed in the hairpin at Turn 10 and ran three tenths quicker in Q2 than in Q3. However, his nightmare run cost him his first place position in Q3, forcing Mercedes to spend the rest of the night repairing the damage to the car.

Despite the nightmare run at the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Dane is living the dream despite his disappointing year. He’s not quite there yet, but he’s on the way to a runner-up spot in 2022. With a solid start to the season, the Dane has a very good chance of earning a podium finish this season.

Fernando Alonso’s plight continues to be a mystery. He’s shown a baffling pace in qualifying and has yet to get a podium. After a disastrous qualifying run in Australia, he finished 17th. A few weeks ago, he was second-best at the Belgian Grand Prix, but had a terrible start in the Italian Grand Prix. A few weeks ago, he was also unable to outqualify Valtteri, who won the race in Italy. The reliability issues in Bahrain mean he could have finished all the races in the top four.

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