ISIS Bus Attack Claims 13 Dead in Raqqa, Syria –

ISIS Bus Attack Claims 13 Dead in Raqqa, Syria

In a recent attack in southern Raqqa, a group of ISIS fighters ambushed regime soldiers near the Zemlah area. The attack claimed 13 lives. The Zemlah area is near several gas and oil fields, and it has been the scene of sporadic attacks since late 2020. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack when they published images of the fighters setting a bus on fire.

The ISIS-inspired attack also occurred the same day as the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Paris. The attack is a direct result of ISIS recruitment, and the group has been recruiting Western soldiers to fight alongside them. The attack was claimed by ISIS in a video released online by supporters. There has been no official confirmation of the attack by the group, but it is widely believed that it is a product of their ideology.

In a separate attack, an ISIS affiliate in the Caucasus claims responsibility for a car bombing in Dagestan. The attack killed at least six police officers and injured 12. The perpetrators are believed to be ISIS or one of their affiliates. In Turkey, a suicide bomber attacks a popular tourist area. Turkish Interior Minister Efkan Ala said the attacker was affiliated with ISIS.

While the ISIS group no longer controls large parts of Iraq and Syria, its activities continue to be intense. It has claimed over 200 fatalities and thousands of injured people. Despite this, IS remains active and prone to launching terrorist attacks. However, they have not yet reached their goals. And for now, they are not expected to achieve any more success.

In Yemen, an ISIS affiliate claims responsibility for an attack in Aden in which more than 50 soldiers were killed. One suicide bomber targeted the recruitment center, while the other blew himself up in the middle of a group of soldiers. The ISIS affiliate in Egypt also claims responsibility for the attack, which led to a major offensive against the ISIS affiliate in that region.

Another attack claimed by ISIS in Egypt’s Sinai desert leaves at least 13 dead. The group claims to have carried out several IED attacks in the region, including an attack on a military patrol near Sheikh Zuweid. The Egyptian military has not yet commented on these claims, but Egyptian security authorities have claimed to have killed more than 100 terrorists, including at least one member of ISIS.

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