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20 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt

20 Very Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt

Many people are unaware of these fascinating Ancient Egyptian facts. Did you know that Ancient Egyptian women had equal rights to men? Many of the rulers were overweight and unhealthy? Did you know that the civilization lasted many years? Read on to find out some of these fascinating facts. You may be surprised to know that ancient Egyptians ruled the world for thousands of years! Despite this, there are still many fascinating facts about Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian women had equal rights

Although the 2011 revolution in Egypt was celebrated as a feminist victory, it failed to change the way the Egyptian family functions. Even today, adult children are expected to defer to their parents and wives are required to obey their husbands, regardless of their personal views. Women were able to earn money and develop their skills, but they still lacked the freedom to do the same things men enjoyed. However, that did not mean that women in Egypt had no rights.

Though the upper echelons of Egyptian society were predominantly male, women possessed legal equality. Women could own land, contract marriages, file divorces, and leave property to whomever they chose. While not a majority of men were involved in these processes, there were women who had risen to the top of society. Women even had pharaonic roles, and a few notable examples include Hatshepsut and Nefertiti. While the women did not have equal rights as men.


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